Blue Jays winning fans despite poor performances

now have this take look

TORONTO — Just past the midway point of the season, the media seem to have given up on the struggling Blue Jays.

“Jays starting to face reality — It’s over,” the Toronto Star pronounced in its Monday editions after the baseball team fell to 45-52 following a sweep by visiting Tampa Bay.

“Try again next year?” offered the Toronto Sun.

“Blue Jays throwing away a big opportunity,” the Globe and Mail weighed in.

Tim Leiweke, the new president and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, sees a different story, however.

“These fans in this marketplace are pretty unbelievable,” he said in an interview. “I’m looking at the Jays and how they’re drawing — win, lose or draw — and it’s a real testament to how they’ve become Canada’s team.

“And a great learning experience to us as the Raptors.”

While the Jays’ high-priced makeover has largely flopped on the…

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