Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott And Husband Welcome Baby Daughter

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Blue Jays winning fans despite poor performances

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TORONTO — Just past the midway point of the season, the media seem to have given up on the struggling Blue Jays.

“Jays starting to face reality — It’s over,” the Toronto Star pronounced in its Monday editions after the baseball team fell to 45-52 following a sweep by visiting Tampa Bay.

“Try again next year?” offered the Toronto Sun.

“Blue Jays throwing away a big opportunity,” the Globe and Mail weighed in.

Tim Leiweke, the new president and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, sees a different story, however.

“These fans in this marketplace are pretty unbelievable,” he said in an interview. “I’m looking at the Jays and how they’re drawing — win, lose or draw — and it’s a real testament to how they’ve become Canada’s team.

“And a great learning experience to us as the Raptors.”

While the Jays’ high-priced makeover has largely flopped on the…

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Mitsubishi To Fight San Onofre Negligence Claim

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CBS Los Angeles

SAN CLEMENTE (AP) — Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. will fight Southern California Edison’s allegations of gross negligence in the design and manufacture of steam tubes built for the San Onofre nuclear power plant, which has been permanently shut down due to excessive wear in the tubes.

Mitsubishi sent a reply to a contract dispute filing from Southern California Edison that said the company “grossly failed to appropriately model” conditions in the steam generators it designed and built, leading to the early retirement of the power plant.

Edison argues that Mitsubishi is liable for costs that could run into the millions or even billions of dollars.

In a statement, Mitsubishi called SCE’s contentions “factually incorrect, legally unsound and inappropriate.” The company said it will defend itself through a dispute resolution process.

The steam generators “were designed and manufactured with SCE’s full supervision and approval and in accordance with well-established and accepted…

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At the End of the Day

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Why all babies are Royalty really

My granddaughter has decided that steamed courgettes are just so yesterday, which is worrying for her mum given that she only persuaded Lyla to like them about a week ago. Lyla’s method of making this clear is to throw the courgette slices all over the kitchen with enormous gusto. She has the same stubborn mule face after doing so that reminds me of her Mum at the same age. So the bolshie genes are intact.

Lyla’s diet is remarkably eclectic, in that it consists of three colours (green gunge, midbrown gunge and orange gunge) with additional variety provided by off-white milk and light yellow apple filling gunge for pudding. From time to time she eats chicken bits, but gives lamb the kitchen courgette treatment. Anyway, Katherine Duchess of Cambridgeshire has this all to look forward to – or rather, her bevvy of servants…

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